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AMALYZE is a must-have tool for Amazon sellers and marketers. It offers advanced features and data analytics capabilities to boost sales, optimize product listings, and monitor competitors. With an intuitive interface, keyword-rich titles are generated to optimize search visibility. Accurate insights from a powerful AI engine make it easier to make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge.

Research Edition

Our Research Edition gives you insight into the most important keywords, how to optimize your listing, and how to track your ranking and success.

Advertising Edition

Take your advertising to the next level. Our Advertising Edition allows you to optimize your account in near real-time. All without changing your existing campaign structure.

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Advertising Edition

Explore advertising in a whole new way

Research Edition

Our Research Tools help you stay ahead of the competition

Our keyword research provides you with the most important keywords for your listing. Find out at a glance which keywords you are missing and where you can improve your listing.

Wondering if you should launch a new variant? Our Sales Share tool gives you insight into which color or size is generating the most sales.

Improving your listing is just the beginning. It’s even more important to monitor your listing’s keyword rankings. Let us help you find out if your listing is showing up for relevant audiences when they search for specific keywords.

Our Listing Builder will help you create the perfect listing. We will help you add the right keywords to the right section, as well as fill in all the attributes your listing should have to outrank your competitors.

Gather insights from the category in which you have listed your products. What are the dominant brands and what keywords are they using in their product titles? Get a better understanding of what makes a product successful in your category.

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